How to buy property in Thailand?

There are two different cases when you buying a property in Thailand. Firstly if you are Thai citizen there is no problem to own a property 100% to your name. But if you are a foreigner Thai laws do not let you own more than 49% of the property. Well this is quite common law globally. Probably this law is the same as your own country but the reason you are not aware of this, that you have never been a foreigner in your own country. However there is only one exeption in this law and that is the condominiums. Foreigners can buy condominiums without any hassle and they can be the 100% owner of the apartment. But foreigners cannot own more than 49% of the whole condominium project. Basically if you are a foreigner you cannot buy a land. Since a condominium unit is not a land related, there is no issue for you to buy a unit. But if you would like to buy the whole condominium unit, you cannot have more than 49% of the whole thing.

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Well, there are still some ways to be a owner of your own pool villa or land. And that is to setup a company. Basically if you decide to buy a house or land, you need to setup a limited company and you will be the managing director of the company with 49% shareholding. The other 51% of the shareholds will be allocate to smaller parts which Thai people that you can assign. The other 51% cannot take any decision in the company without your knowledge since you are the biggest shareholder. So after you setup your company (which it takes about 10 days to get it registered) you can buy the property you like to your company’s name. In this way you will be able to protect your property and secure your rights on it.

Another way to buy a property in Thailand is leasing. Sometimes some properties have an option to lease the land for between 30 to 90 years. So you lease the land for 90 years and you can build whatever you want on it during your lease contract.

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And the last way of to buy a property in Thailand is to buy it to your Thai wife’s or your Thai husband’s name. After you get married legally in Thailand you can buy any type of property to your partner’s name.

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